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  List of items of Yauchi Hamono Knife Facotry (八内物製作所)    ~ Made in Japan Quality ~

auchi Hamono Knife Factory (second-generation sharpner: Yasuo Yauchi) has been producing great quality Sakai knives one by one for over 50 years in Sakai City, Osaka, Japan. Sakai City is world famous for its knives and it is with over 600 years of experience, passed down from family member to familly member.
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  List of Knives (包丁別スト)    ~ Made in Japan Quality ~
An image of Yauchi Hamono's santoku knife

antoku knife is also called "Can-Do-Everything Knife." It has good points of both of "Nakiri knife (Japanese knife)" and "Gyutou (European knife)." The blade is thin and you can cut vegetables, meat, and fish with this knife.

An image of Yauchi Hamono's Japanese petty knife

apanese Petty Knife has 150 mm blade and is useful for cutting vegetables, meat and fish.
The blade is made from Yasuki's White 2 Steel so it requires to be good taken care of. Please dry it right after finish using it.

An image of Yauchi Hamono's gyutou knife

yutou knife is mainly used to cut meat.
This knife also can be used to cut vegetable, fish, bread, and other soft foods. The blade lenghts range between 180 mm and 360 mm. Traditional Japanese handles are also available for Gyutou Knives.

An image of Yauchi Hamono's nakiri knife

akiri knife is designed for mainly vegetable cutting purpose, which is used at home. This is called "vegetable cutting knife", however, this knife can be used in many cookings. This old-school knife is loved by the chefs regardless of gender.

An image of Yauchi Hamono's sashimi knife

ashimi knife is designed only for cutting sashimi. The tissue of fish can be damaged by being scratched of back-and-forth motion, however, with this sashimi knife, you don't have to pump it many times. Please enjoy the palatable taste of sashimi with our sashimi knife.

An image of Yauchi Hamono's deba knife

eba knife is used to break down fish and chicken. The characteristics of the knife is the blade's thickness and its weight. This is triangle-shaped knife and it can be grouped into two broad classes by its size, "Big Deba" and "Middle Deba."

An image of Yauchi Hamono's specialized knife

pecialized knives are available on our website, such as "Soba cutting knife", "Sushi cutting knife", "Salmon Cutting Knife", "Waltermelon Cutting Knife", and etc.