Kanagawaoki Namiura Shot Glass by Masayuki Glass

Japanese soda glass.
A “covering glass” that is covered with a light blue on a transparent ground.

This is a tribute to Hokusai Katsushika, the most famous Japanese painter in Japan, and his work “Kanagawa-oki Nami-ura.”
We sandblasted with an emphasis on the detailed expression of the waves.

After pouring a drink, if you look at the scenery over sake, you can enjoy the landscape through the glass due to the lens effect.
Mt. Fuji in the distance and the coming waves will bring you to the world of imagination.

The bottom of the glass has a chrysanthemum pattern divided into eight parts.
Then the pattern gathers light and projects the side “Kanagawa Oki Nami” sculpture brightly.

Wheat Rocks Glass by Masayuki Glass

Wheat Crystal Rock Glass …

Crystal Glass made in Italy is used. There are specialized cuts on the side of the glass and I engraved the ear of the wheat by sandblasting technique.

Engraved part was colored golden with pigment. Please spend rich time like a fruitful autumn.

Although the coating is applied to coloring, please do not rub with a  hard thing.

Dishwasher is not recommended to use for it. Please wash it by hand.

Kingfisher Rocks Glass by Masayuki Glass

Kingfisher Crystal Rock Glass …

24% Pbo Crystal Glass made in Czech Republic is used.
The figure of a kingfisher was sculpted by sandblasting technique on the side of a large triangular rock glass.

Sand blasting technique is to engrave the surface of the object performing by irradiating ceramic particles for polishing with compressed air.
It expresses the moment that a kingfisher remains on the branch of the tree above the mountain stream to catch a small fish.