Men’s Wallet Slim Dark Brown


Unique cordovan that takes full advantage of the original look of leather

The “Cordovan” leather, the finest in leather, is called “King of Leather” because of its elegant beauty and rarity.

Leather is scraped from the back to the very fine layer “Cord Van layer” of the inner layer fiber of the horse’s buttocks, and the polished leather is used for purses, shoes, bags, school bags, etc. as the finest leather.

In general cordovan leather, the rough parts of the surrounding fibers are cut off, uniformly sprayed, polished and polished, and distributed as “cordovan leather”.

However, ABALLI first goes to Himeji, where it is produced, and picks up the leather before finishing.

And asks Tanner (leather tanning factory) to ask, “Would you like to make use of the original look of leather?”, And it was specially made only by dyeing and oil finishing. The texture comes to life.

In addition, because it is received in an uncut state, it can be used as a design with the boundary with the rough part of the surrounding fibers, and it becomes a wallet with a rich taste and texture.

The inner parts use fine calf (calf leather).

The zipper of the coin pocket (slim only) uses the finest YKK “EXCELLA”, so it can be opened and closed smoothly.

Calf leather is attached to the protruding part of the fastener bracket of the fastener so that the card does not hurt when in contact with the card.