Fuguhiki Knife is designed for making sashimi of puffer fish / blow fish. The blade of fugukiri knife is thin and that makes it possible to cut the puffer fish meat very thin. Mizuno Tanrenjo is known as the knife maker which made the first fuguhiki knife in japan.

Fuguhiki Knives / 河豚引き

Minamoto Akitada Honyaki DX(源昭忠 本焼DX)

Minamoto Akitada Honyaki (源昭忠 本焼)

Minamoto Akitada Blue Steel DX Series(源昭忠 青鋼DX)

Minamoto Akitada Hontanren Series(源昭忠 本鍛錬)

Minamoto Akitada White Steel No.2 Series(源昭忠)

Minamoto Akitada Silver Steel No.3 Series(源昭忠)