Key Cornet – Classic – Japanese Leather Yellow


Goods category prize winning product

Unprecedented and functional structure. Beautiful form like accessories. The unique key case “Key Corone”, which received the “JAPAN LEATHER AWARD 2012 Goods Category Award” for its gift-oriented style, such as birthday presents and new life gifts.

Available in two types of high-quality tanned leather, “Tochigi Leather”, which is representative of Japan, and “Elba Mat”, which is representative of Italy.

Both are rich in aging, and the deepening luster will deepen your attachment.

There are two types of shapes: [cute] with curved design and [classic] with direct design.

Key Cornet – Cute – Japanese Leather

This product won the Japan Leather Award due to the original structure, practicality and design. It has an innovative structure for wrapping your keys. Insert the key not often used inside the belt. You can sort your keys without their jingling. You can fix your car key to the upper metal hook. You can see a video clip to see how to use it. [Tochigi Leather] The representative leather of Japan which is high-quality tanned cowhide. Its color changes while it ages gradually.